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Chef’s appetizer selection
Tasting of 5 different types of appetizers for 2 people
€ 20,00

Raw’s selection of our seas*
The assortment of the fish varies depending on the period
€ 25,00

Smoked Fish of the Mediterranean with dip and vegetables*
The assortment of the fish varies depending on the period
€ 13,00

It seems an arancina…
€ 8,00

Baffalo mozzarella caprese salad whit dry tuna eggs
€ 10,00

Cod-Fish fillet wrapped with crispy kataifi pasta and peas salsa
€ 10,00

Smoked capocollo black piglet with steamed asparagus
and hazenult olive oil
€ 8,00


Couscous with fish, braised vegetables, and satfron fish broth
with braised vegetables and reduction of its broth with saffron
€ 15,00

Risotto with red beet, squid and lemon zest
€ 13,00

Fresh Trenette pasta with red prawns tartar,
buffalo mozzarella with lemon scented
€ 15,00

Spaghettoni with clams, zucchini and primo sale cheese
€ 15,00

Fettuccine with lobster and black truffle
€ 22,00

Busiate pasta with swordfish, eggplant and nuts
€ 12,00

Fusilli with red prawns
pistachio sauce, almonds and mullet pressed dry eggs
€ 15,00

The “My” pasta with trapanese pesto
€ 12,00


Seared fillet of sea bass, stewed chard and chickpea foam with Rosemary
€ 15,00

Monkfish tail in Mediterranean stew
€ 14,00

Steamed grouper in a Kataifi pastery cage
on cream of Purple potatoes and vegetables
€ 15,00

Grilled octopus on a soft mousse of potatoes and carots and braised leek
€ 13,00

Fillet of crispy red snapper with tomato, Pantelleria capers
Spinach sprouts and black olive powder
€ 15,00

Dried fava bean broth with strips of squid and bread chips
€ 11,00

Pork in sesame crust with asparagus tips and Bitter Cocoa
€ 12,00

Veal loin in lacquered nero d’avola wine with broccoli florets
€ 13,00

All the main dishes are served with a side dish


Seasonal Fruit Composition
€ 4,00

Homemade lemon and basil sorbet
€ 4,00

Dessert of the day
(ask the staff)
€ 4,00/5,00

cover charge and service € 2,50

If fresh products are lacking or not avalible, we use frozen instead
*The fish destined to be consumed raw, marinated and smoked are treated according to the european legislation CE 852 e 853/04